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Barbara Deutsch

The New Landscape Declaration


In October 2016, the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) released The New Landscape Declaration, a 21st century call to action for the landscape architecture profession. Join Barbara to learn more about it and engage in the conversations across the globe discussing this ambitious vision and sharing how we can turn the ideas into actions to solve the defining challenges of our time.

Jim Manskey
Evolution by Design

Demonstrating the transformation of TBG – now in its 30th year – based first upon the identification of and commitment to a shared Purpose. Through various case studies, Jim will show a codified design process, based upon a foundation of landscape performance, is elevating our outcomes in all aspects of our practice. 

Maya Agarwal
Get Authentic: Great Park Designs Emerge from the Unpredictable.

Say goodbye to the old days’ formal public meetings and stakeholder workshops...Embrace today’s dynamic, unpredictable public engagement. Our communities are changing, and parks (and landscape architects) must adapt to serve them. Scared? Don’t be. This presentation will provide tools to help you get real with those who will make your park their backyards.

Mike Albert
Integrity of Place

The presentation will focus on how landscape architects may engage is processes that respect historical, artistic and ecological intent. Case studies which feature how improvements associated with three historically significant projects address the contemporary needs of users. Topics include: accessibility, urban forestry, historical preservation, stormwater management, economic development, programming, and public engagement.